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7 Things We Thought You Should Know - EZDezign

Not our usual blog post; we're stepping away from colours, tones and textures and just sending a few reminders we thought you may want to hear!


1. Sleep on your left!

Thank you Radhi Devlukia for this wise advise! You literally increase your health benefits in your sleep, does it get any easier? Sleeping on your left side make it easy for food to flow through our intestines and easily eliminate waste from our bodies. You can also relieve bloating because food moves quickly through your system when your body is positioned this way. So snuggle up and reap the benefits!

2. Breakfast really is necessary!

Do we really have to explain this one? Make your eggs and bacon people! Or your french toast (multigrain of course), whatever it is that makes your morning tasty, make it and eat it up because your body needs it. Aside from being tasty, having a solid breakfast get’s your metabolism in motion for the day, puts some fuel in your energy tanks, and believe it or not gets our brains in gear for better focus for the day! Check out some of our favourite breaky options!

3. Don't Be Thirsty!

Let’s put this simply; consistent headaches, fatigue, unstable weight management, dry skin, increased fine lines wrinkles and dark spots = NOT ENOUGH WATER. Consistent focus and stable energy through the day, regular bowel movements, weight management and/or loss, tight skin, bright facial complexion = ENOUGH WATER. Shall we say more?

4. Yes, you should!

Listen, we’ve all got 24 hours in a day, 52 weeks in a year, 7 days in a week so when you want something, go get it or should we say get it gurll!!! So many of us are experts in pushing to tomorrow, next week, Monday, whenever, we’re just not ready today for whatever reason. Or we find ourselves talking to ourselves in the grocery store on why we shouldn't buy ourselves the chocolate hazelnut pistachio ice cream for $7. Let’s be honest the $7 is worth the splurge, it’s not going to put you in the hole and you deserve it. We say it’s time to get ready, kick your sad excuse to the curb and get whatever you want, 'cause you're worth it! (just don’t send us your visa bill at the end of the month ha ha ha)

5. Put down the phone, pick up the book!

Does this require an explanation? Instagram is a wonderful world, but it can also be a never-ending rabbit hole. Sometimes we need to learn instead of scroll. Better yet get carried away in a romantic novel, and let go of the popular page. A great read goes a long way and has a much better impact on us than the gram!

6. You've got to move it move it!

Do not even think about scrolling past this one! You don't have to be a marathon runner, or a heavyweight champ to move your body. A walk, a yoga session, a quick hitt workout, a killer abb session whatever tickles your fancy get going! Literally, 10 minutes a day to just move, we can't stress it enough!

7. You are beautiful and you are killing it!

No explanation necessary!


Erica Zito - EZDezign

"turning any space into your space"

@ez.dezign - Instagram - Website

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