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Giving and Receiving the Blessing of Life Coaching: Erika Leigh

How I Navigated Career Choices

I first learned about values in university, when I was faced with graduation and no follow up plan. I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I looked inward—I identified some things about myself that I knew to be true. Without a doubt, working with people, creating community, and growing through education were top priorities for me, so I decided to go to Teacher’s College. That following year, I knew I was in the right place, but it still didn’t fit perfectly. I was happy to learn about education, happy to know that I was going to be a leader in the community, and really make a difference. Yet, there was still something missing.

That summer, I went through a Yoga Teacher Training program and found personal development. My intention was to simply expand my practice, but I ended up gaining so much more: I learned about myself, communication, integrity, and identity. I knew these were all concepts that I had to add to my calling. Two years later, I became a high school teacher and loved it! I loved teaching and adding value to my students’ lives. I loved connecting with the youth of today and inspiring a deeper education that goes beyond the curriculum.

Of course, life has its surprises and in September 2019, I lost my job due to government cuts. TRULY a blessing in disguise. Honestly, teaching is such an amazing, challenging, and rewarding job but I wasn’t quite making the impact I wanted to in that environment. Over the years, I was involved in network marketing and kept taking courses in my spare time: these opportunities helped me to hone in on my true calling and define who I am and who I want to be. I knew life coaching was ‘a thing’ but didn’t really understand what it was or why people paid for the service.


How Coaching Came into My Life

On New Year’s Eve 2017, I experienced life coaching--personal growth on a deeper level--via learning about visioning and values. I went on to pursue 1-on-1 personal coaching and was transformed! My mindset changed, I had direction in life, and had something to work towards. My coach didn’t give me the answers but gave me the support to figure these things out for myself. I knew that life coaching was something I would end up doing as a profession but figured it would be something I could do in retirement. However, when I lost my job last year, I knew it was time to pursue something that was really meant for me.

We all have experienced life in such a drastically different way this year, but for me, it has been a bit of a blessing. I took my job loss as an opportunity to start life coach training and when the COVID-19 pandemic took over, I was glad to have my learning community to keep me going. I started my new career as a life coach, designed and launched a website, started accepting and working with clients, and now have a course coming out by end of year!

In a nutshell, all of this is the possibility of Coaching. I would never have been able to take life on in such a stable and elegant way without the mindset that I have—coaching gave me that. I would have survived without Coaching, but I certainly thrived because of it. Now I am excited to offer what my coach offered me—a program that helps people identify their desires, gives them tools to thrive, and empower themselves. I am still accepting clients to work with on their dreams and goals, and offer a free strategy session to allow more people to experience the gift that is coaching.

Me in Mexico!

Erika Leigh



Please visit to learn more about what I offer and how to book your strategy session.

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