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Live Your Life Freely: Jessica Rose Durante

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

It all started when I was working for a big corporation at the “bottom of the pyramid” so to speak. I felt like I was selling my soul. I was working to make someone else’s dream come true and it was burning out my fire. I felt drained, unhappy, had plenty of bad habits, and stopped caring for myself completely. I knew there was more to life then to feel like I was being controlled.

I thrive off of taking control of my life and feeling empowered by my career path. I decided to take charge and live the life I wanted to live. I was sick and tired of being a corporate “servant”, tired of being that person who didn’t question authorities, and tired of being an obedient corporate worker who did as they were told. I couldn’t picture myself doing this for another 30 years, let alone another month.

So, I quit.

I began listening to my intuition and I started to live my life freely. I completely invested myself into a hobby of mine that I did on the side while working my corporate job.

This hobby is creating organic skincare, herbal, and wellness products – all things I feel most passionate about. I started filling up my days by transforming my hobby into a financially rewarding lifestyle. Of course, it wasn’t easy and in fact, I am always working at it because I AM in charge. I choose how much energy I want to pour into it and how much reward I want to receive – so naturally, I work harder to continuously achieve my goal. Once I started to invest my labour power into myself, other areas of life started to balance out as well. I began to develop a higher sense of self worth.



My advice to you is to follow your heart – don’t burn out your fire for someone else’s dream - live your life freely. We are not meant to be controlled. We are meant to thrive, to be passionate, and to discover who we are through doing what we love.

My name is Jessica Rose Durante, and I found freedom by creating my own business through my love of skincare, herbal magic, and holistic wellness. To learn more about me and my journey follow me on Instagram @AuthenticaByJessica.

Love & Light


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